Being Gifted Does Not Mean Your Child’s Journey Will Be Easy

A common myth about giftedness is that being labeled as gifted is like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Gifted children may have an innate ability, but that doesn’t mean that everything they do easy for them. This TEDTalk by a gifted adolescent gives insight into what she experiences. It may giveContinue reading “Being Gifted Does Not Mean Your Child’s Journey Will Be Easy”

Goodbye from Gifted Child Mom

After a year of family illness and the uncertainty of public education in the age of COVID, I have decided to shut down this blog and focus my attention on a different topic. Gifted education is my area of expertise and my true passion, but not enough interest has been shown to justify keeping thisContinue reading “Goodbye from Gifted Child Mom”

Advice for parents

After several requests, I have set up a parenting service for parents who need advice that is personalized for their child. You can hire me here:

Back to School Anxiety

It is that time of year again. Back to school puts children through a lot of emotions. Some of them can be intense. Anxiety for mothers is also a real problem this time of year. There are financial worries about new clothes and supplies, but the highest anxiety often comes from worrying about your child’sContinue reading “Back to School Anxiety”

Discussing Mass Shootings with Children

After this weekend’s shootings, many parents are wondering how or if they should try to explain the impossible- why do gunmen shoot people? For children with high anxiety or are highly empathetic, hearing that a child died in El Paso can trigger fear. They may not want to go shopping for back to school atContinue reading “Discussing Mass Shootings with Children”

Even gifted kids can have trouble with spelling and phonics

If you have a high ability child, don’t expect the academic road to always be smooth and straight. Dyslexia may keep a brilliant mind from understanding phonics and spelling rules. This young man is as smart as he is handsome, but spelling rules were frustrating for him. Too many homework hours were spent trying toContinue reading “Even gifted kids can have trouble with spelling and phonics”