Are you an exhausted gifted child mom?

As a mom and grandmother of gifted children, I understand if you feel overwhelmed by parenting a child with high potential. Bright children seem to also be emotionally extreme, either timid and introverted, or explosive with bouts of great anger or great joy. How you react to their emotional state can determine whether or notContinue reading “Are you an exhausted gifted child mom?”

Being a Leader but Not a Dictator

The brightest minds are not always the most compassionate or caring among us. Children who think quickly and draw conclusions that generally are accurate may believe that their answer will always be seen as the best option available. The problem is, in cooperative learning situations, where compromise is necessary and there may be multiple methodsContinue reading “Being a Leader but Not a Dictator”

Helping Your Gifted Child Fit in Socially

Do you feel like your gifted child is like this baby puppy, needing to be cuddled and sheltered, protected from the world? Well, it is a baby, and yes, it should be protected. But time will pass and it will someday, before you know it, be old enough for playdates, school, and joining other childrenContinue reading “Helping Your Gifted Child Fit in Socially”

Best Father’s Day Gifts a Gifted Child Mom Can Give

It is highly unlikely that your gifted child is the one going to the store and buying their father a gift. It is you, Mom, who feels like it is your duty to make the gifted child’s Dad feel special. Now get real…He is not YOUR father. Still, you do want to acknowledge the giftedContinue reading “Best Father’s Day Gifts a Gifted Child Mom Can Give”

Play games that teach your child’s brain to solve problems.

You cannot start playing too soon with your children. When you play “peekaboo” with an infant, you are doing it to see their surprised expression and smile when it sees your face again. But what is going on in your child’s brain when you play peekaboo? The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” isContinue reading “Play games that teach your child’s brain to solve problems.”

Developing an organized brain

If you each your child’s brain to organize and manage the world around them, life for them and for you, the gifted child mom, will become easier and more peaceful.

Welcome parents of gifted children!

Hey there! If you found this blog, it is probably because you were searching for answers to parenting questions that most blogs or websites don’t address. If you have a child that has a surprisingly creative streak, an above average vocabulary, and prefers adults or older acquaintances to playing with his or her own peers,Continue reading “Welcome parents of gifted children!”