Even gifted kids can have trouble with spelling and phonics

If you have a high ability child, don’t expect the academic road to always be smooth and straight. Dyslexia may keep a brilliant mind from understanding phonics and spelling rules. This young man is as smart as he is handsome, but spelling rules were frustrating for him. Too many homework hours were spent trying toContinue reading “Even gifted kids can have trouble with spelling and phonics”

The Power of Learning

I am speaking in Colorado today to gifted educators from across the state. Although our topic is Giftedness in Poverty, many are also parents of gifted children. I hope I can encourage them to join us as we discover our willingness as parents and as educators to learn and grow in our understanding of Giftedness.Continue reading “The Power of Learning”

A Woman Who is a Mother is a Teacher and a Friend

I have spent the last couple of days sorting through antique photos from my grandmother, who passed away in 1966. She attended Huntsville Normal College, a teacher college that later turned into Sam Houston State University. Before she married, she taught in little towns like Sherwood, Texas. This photo was a gift to her onContinue reading “A Woman Who is a Mother is a Teacher and a Friend”