Being Gifted Does Not Mean Your Child’s Journey Will Be Easy

A common myth about giftedness is that being labeled as gifted is like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Gifted children may have an innate ability, but that doesn’t mean that everything they do easy for them. This TEDTalk by a gifted adolescent gives insight into what she experiences. It may giveContinue reading “Being Gifted Does Not Mean Your Child’s Journey Will Be Easy”


I said goodbye and thought I would never write about GT education again, but several friends who are grandmas like me have messaged or texted me with concerns about their grandchildren’s learning experiences. It reminded me that just because I know something (and have said it before) does NOT mean that everyone out there hasContinue reading “I’M BACK! DO YOU NEED SUPPORT FOR YOUR GIFTED CHILD?”

Goodbye from Gifted Child Mom

After a year of family illness and the uncertainty of public education in the age of COVID, I have decided to shut down this blog and focus my attention on a different topic. Gifted education is my area of expertise and my true passion, but not enough interest has been shown to justify keeping thisContinue reading “Goodbye from Gifted Child Mom”

COVID-19 and Anxiety in Gifted Children | National Association for Gifted Children

While gifted individuals are no more anxious than the general population, these uncertain times can cause anxiety and worry, especially when there are fewer intellectual pursuits in a day. With school closures and social distancing, it is important to help children develop a sense of purpose that can guide them as they deal with theContinue reading “COVID-19 and Anxiety in Gifted Children | National Association for Gifted Children”

Preparing for Gifted and Talented Assessments

This time of year, public schools are conducting testing to identify children to participate in the gifted program. The school may contact you for permission to test your child; however, parents have the right to request testing, whether the school noticed characteristics of giftedness or not. Introverted personalities, cultural differences, and poverty may “mask”, orContinue reading “Preparing for Gifted and Talented Assessments”