I said goodbye and thought I would never write about GT education again, but several friends who are grandmas like me have messaged or texted me with concerns about their grandchildren’s learning experiences.

It reminded me that just because I know something (and have said it before) does NOT mean that everyone out there has heard my message. GT education is still important, but in the age of COVID, enrichment and individualization for high ability students is being ignored more than ever.

I decided I wanted to develop some activities and training sessions for adults who work with gifted children that can be used in either a classroom or at home. There are many curriculums out there, but not every one understands how to differentiate them for gifted children. I want teachers and parents to learn how to effectively individualize education so that children develop both the knowledge and learning skills they need to become independent lifelong thinkers.

In the next two weeks, I will be organizing some online parent (and or) teacher training. Each will be offered in two hour chunks of time. In addition, I will share some free downloads from different “GT Gurus” – people in the field that I respect and admire.

I am excited to be back in my element discussing GT with people who are interested in how to best serve their high ability children.

More is coming… Dr. Ellen

Published by giftedchildmom

Gifted Education Consultant Passionate Advocate for Children with High Potential Co-Author of Removing the Mask: Identifying and Developing Giftedness in Students from Poverty, 3rd Edition 35 years experience working with educators and students throughout Texas. Blogger at giftedchildmom.net

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