A Woman Who is a Mother is a Teacher and a Friend

I have spent the last couple of days sorting through antique photos from my grandmother, who passed away in 1966. She attended Huntsville Normal College, a teacher college that later turned into Sam Houston State University. Before she married, she taught in little towns like Sherwood, Texas.

This photo was a gift to her on August 10, 1905, from her best friend, Rosalie. Looking at Rosalie, whose last name was not included, it looks like it was taken just a few years ago, not over 100 years. She is so young and pretty, it made me wish I knew more of her story, as well as my grandmother’s.

It was so rare at the turn of the century for a woman to be educated. It was even more rare for a woman to ever work outside the home once she married.

Rosalie and my grandmother, Myrtle, once were young, ambitious, and has convictions.

I only knew my grandmother as a withered old woman with a body humped over with osteoporosis and a life of relative hardship as a rancher’s wife in West Texas.

Think today about the young women you know. Appreciate their potential and help them celebrate their friendships with other women who also strive and dream. Women support each other and grow stronger.

These women were teachers. In the classroom and in their homes, they helped children become better people.

Be a teacher. Live your dreams, and help other women dream big too.

Published by giftedchildmom

Gifted Education Consultant Passionate Advocate for Children with High Potential Co-Author of Removing the Mask: Identifying and Developing Giftedness in Students from Poverty, 3rd Edition 35 years experience working with educators and students throughout Texas. Blogger at giftedchildmom.net

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