3 Gifts, one shopping site!

Well, it is Small Business Saturday so I offering some options you might really like!

First, if you have a beginning reader at home, 4-8 year olds will enjoy the cute characters in this book that teaches long and short vowel sounds.

Second, if you are a mom who is thinking about your parenting, this guided journal has a good list of books and blogs to read and pages on which to reflect on your parenting strategies to decide which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

Last, if you have a gifted child 8-18 who likes to write, this guided journal gives him or her a place to reflect. You can buy it here.

Gifted kids can be a puzzle and a joy to raise. I hope one of these books will just what you need to complete your holiday shopping.

Published by giftedchildmom

Gifted Education Consultant Passionate Advocate for Children with High Potential Co-Author of Removing the Mask: Identifying and Developing Giftedness in Students from Poverty, 3rd Edition 35 years experience working with educators and students throughout Texas. Blogger at giftedchildmom.net

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